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Alternative to Memory Map?

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I'm looking to use one of these tools. I downloaded Mapyx (Quo) the other day, but haven't been too impressed so far. I can't get any of maps to install properly, and there's lots of pop up windows which are a bit annoying. Memory Map's interface is a bit cleaner to look at in my opinion, and I can actually get it to work too, which is a bonus.

I want something that is nice and easy to use on my netbook when out and about.

You're right though, Mapyx looks cheaper, but I'm not sure it actually is... I don't fully understand what they're trying to charge and when just yet.

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Viewranger is a superb bit of kit for syban phones. I have it as a free sponsor from an event that I organised for Exeter uni where we did a non stop relay around Cornwall. It was very good and worked faultlessly on three phones for the 30 hours non stop which is not something I would trust a windows enable phone and MM to do.



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