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What happened to the 'leaf over mod' thread?


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Since the thread had some interesting tech in it, I moved this to the technical archive, rather than it dropping of the page and disapear into the valley of darkness. Also on request of our series molesting guru, mr fridge.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Daan :rolleyes:

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No worries.

I've not done the maths but I reckon extending the front legs downwards a bit, and retaining the same length of spring but with less arch would lead to softer springing, minimal loss of approach angle and would leave the front bumper etc. where it is. Notably Series front springs are 36.25" long and my tyres are 37" so no issue with approach angle there. Even with the tray for the H14 winch my front bumper is no further forward than the original Series item. I may yet put rear springs on the front, I'm sure I measured up once and didn't like the look of how far out the mount had to move, but I may revisit it.

I don't want to go SOA as I have portals already, SOA would put massive wrap loads on the spring, and I'm not a fan of having any more lift on a vehicle than is absolutely necessary. As it stands, my springs are standard parabolics sitting at standard height, the only lift is from the portals, and I have 500mm clearance under the diff on 37" tyres.

This is the best shot I've got showing approach angle:

Didn't realize you're running portals... Indeed, you really don't want to go SOA with portals. I reckon rear springs up front would still be a good idea on your truck, you got the height AND the big tyres, so the little bit extra up front wouldn't hurt much. Rear springs are 48" long, that's only 5.5" of spring that will stick out in front of your wheel, but it will sit real high because of the portal drop.

It just depends on what you're after. Softer springs can indeed be achieved by what you describe, no problem at all. But with, just about, the same amount of fab work you can have rear springs up front with potential for massive articulation, and thus a balanced suspension that creates as much, or actually more, articulation from the front than from the rear.

Oh, wait a minute.... You say you have parabolic springs... How do you want to get less arch on the front springs? You can't take leafs out, there are only 2 in there. De-arching them won't decrease spring rate as far as I'm aware. I could be mistaking here, but with de-arching all you'd get is that you get less free camber so the spring will be pushed flatter. So that's not because the spring rate has changed, that's still the same. One other thing I've noticed is that when the spring is actually flat, it gets stiffer. It takes a lot of force to reverse arch a spring, must be something to do with the spring pulling the shackle forwards again I reckon...

What do you want to achieve?

(ps, how many posts does it take before they don't have to be reviewed anymore? )

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