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thank you

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Hi all,

I have been posting on here for the last 11 months with what seems like problem after problem with my 1987 90, today to my great relief(you may find this odd?) but it failed it's MOT, on bulbs! :D strange I may want to celebrate this failure but in the last 11 months i have changed the engine, replaced wheel bearings, shocks, springs, props, transmission brake, rewired, mud dash fitted, spotlights, reverse problems, learnt to weld (made an exhaust and repaired my chassis)and so much more all with thanks to you all, so just again thanks for all the friendly and prompt replies.


P.S. collected all new bulbs today and it should be half an hours job then back to get my lovely new MOT certificate :D

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My last one didnt even fit them, just handed me the pass certificate and the two bulbs in their boxes (for free!) :lol:

Its just not worth their time to fail it on bulbs, as they have to do the retest for free, so its tying up their mot bay for no money.

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Garage i last had mine done at failed the 110 cos both rear brake lights werent working. They then charged me for ~60 mins labour. They decided that because both lights werent working, it couldnt be the bulbs, so must be the switch. Investigated the switch, then the wiring, then the fuses only to find it was the bulbs - first blasted thing i would have checked. I wasnt happy - esp as i asked them not to do anything to it if it failed cos i'd fix it myself!

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Apparently (and this may be apocryphal) when bulbs are stood unused for a long time they have a higher tendency to blow in the first few minutes. Certainly when I finished a couple of years working on mine I checked all bulbs, but four of them had failed by the time I drove ten miles to the MoT station. In my case the tester gave me some bulbs and a Philips driver and said "there appears to be a problem with those lights - I will re-check them in a couple of minutes to be sure <wink>" :)

Congratulations on the 'fail', BTW - it's a great feeling to drive home with your new MoT cert after all that effort :)

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