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Coil Input Voltage?


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I apologise for being a needy newbie but I would appreciate some help.

I run a '77 3.5, SU Carb, points ignition on petrol or gas.

Over the last 6 months, I have been trying to isolate and rectify an intermittent 'conking out' problem. I won't bore you all with the details, suffice to say that I want to move to electronic ignition and to that end I have:

Lucas 35D M8 dizzy (oil pump drive added)

Lucas remote amp 80428B

Lucas 32C5 BYS coil

All the above were taken from a '94 Disco Serp 3.9 which was a runner.

My question is should I be pumping 12v into the coil or 9 or 6? The last digit of the coil number suggests maybe 5v but maybe that convention is a myth.

My current setup has a 12v ignition feed into a 1.6 ohm ballest block and a standard Paddocks coil (which should be 6v) so I have the ability to supply 12 or 6 volts without modifications.

Thanks in anticipation.

Oh yes, sorry but a secondary question, should the inductive 'gubbins' in the dizzy be under a plastic cover? mine hasn't got one!



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The electronic ignition versions use 12V (no ballast resistor) connecting to a 12V coil. The plastic cover is not a must have so long as its clean (oil free) around the various gubbins to minimise the risk of archng.

Great, thanks for the confirmation.

Means I can use my Flamethrower coil :D



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