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will it hold?


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FINALLY found an engine for the range rover...

the old 3,9 will be replaced with a V8developments 5.0 STGIII V8

now, will the '94 zf auto box hold the power?

has been refurbished and has a bigger torque convertor.

axles are ashcroft so should be fine...

All info is welcome ;-)


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Read the other threads :D

No HP22 = "Bang" :blink: prob quite quickly

HP24 Stronger but borderline (whats the BHP / Torque / MAx RPMs ? )

HP24 built into HP22 etc, is I think using the stronger bits of the 24 vs 22,

which is the same as a HP22 built as "Stronger Options" but HP24

is not regarded as "BuiltProof"

To get bullet proof will be even more money (The above is circa £2000 to £3000ish

for new bits / specialist build it seems, some more indesttructable can be


I am going to give the LT85 a try, this is reportedly the stongest LR

Manual box ever made exc the neanderthal LT95, the R380 is just Nicer Changing (according

to a gearbox grown up - a ka Dave Ashcroft) as I asked when my LT85 died and I was

looking for a new box, asked them re R380, and answer was LT85

I have auto plans, as a back up / 2nd plan once the new engine is in and Squirted

(and the box goes "POP" :(


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My 5.0 has a HP22 but I won't know if it's standard until it gets to Ashcroft's for rebuild. It lasted 60,000miles apparently. When it went it was the torque converter that packed up, it drove fine but wouldn't lock up in top gear.

I fitted a second hand box, it lasted 160 miles :rolleyes:

I want the Ashcroft's stage 2 upgrade, over 1,200 pounds ex works

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