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Sold a Pup


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I've just bought an R reg 2.5 deisel with the BMW engine.

Sadly there is a great hole in the block - behind the starter motor.

I cant find a Haynes manual for this model - So

Can the engine easily be removed without the automatic gearbox?

What is the best way to acquire a suitable replacement

Someone told me that the omega engine is the same?

Any advice greatly appreciated


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Search within this site either this section, or the International, or the Tech Archive, for posts regarding the RAVE CD, which you download for free, as that's both your Workshop and Electrical Manuals.

The manuals will probably give you a clue about your removal question. I don't know the answer myself.

I have nothing to say about getting a suitable replacement.

The Omega is certainly very very similar, based on the same BMW engine, although the final tuning will be different, plus the sump pan and oil pump pick up will probably be different.

Joined in Jan 08, and only 13 posts, have you been away? :-)


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As above find a good RAVE cd but, do you have any method of return, if you can for any favour do exactly that. :o

You can use the Bmw car engine but the fuel injection pump wont speak to the Land Rover electrickery so you need to swap the pump over, be sure you get the right engine as some of the early blocks have a different pump mounting.

Engine can come out leaving the box in place, it's heavy!

Almost every nut and bolt sump, oil pick-up etc, needs to be swapped over.

You can also use the Omega engine and some of their pumps will speak but you need to check the pump numbers then there could be power issues as above.

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