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series 200tdi conversion


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Hi all,

Cant find any threads about it that helped me much!

Been asked to do a tdi series engine conversion, and was wondering, if anyone can remember what magazine in what month had the series engine conversion guide??(im sure it was recent)

Im sure there was one, or am I dreaming?? :P

Thanks in advance! :)

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Okay Just to get the ball rolling ( i havent done it using a standard series box, but bits that will be the same are listed bellow)

First of all if its a disco engine there are 3-4 ( was a while ago) bolt holes at the bottom of the flywheel housing that will need to be drilled out using a butterfly drill so that its bored hole to take socket cap bolts.

You will then need to check the studs that connect the flywheel housing to the gear box bell housing. A couple of these will need drilling/ tapping.

You will also find a couple of dowels that will need to be drilled/ filed down so that they dont stop you bolting the two together.

I beleive a better explanation of how to do this, was done by Jon W (Pictures and everything)

You will need a 300tdi intercooler. ( Both the inlet and outlet, are on the paseengers side, which enables you to tuck it around the front of the radiator grill. Either that, or fit a Full width. Or cut and weld a 200tdi to be like a 300tdi.

You will either need to install a defender throttle pedal, or adapt the original series style to control the cable.

Engine mounts, you can use standard series with series diesel rubbers. Or take defender 200tdi rubbers and trim them slightly until they fit.

Exhaust you will have to buy a conversion or bodge something together. A stock disco down pipe will clash with the footwell.

Hope this is of some help


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I did this not long back and I paid Richard Hall at Glencoyne engineering £50 to modify my flywheel housing with all the correct studs, dowels and cap bolts, and fit a new crank seal in the process.

The rest is straight bolt in stuff, alternator needs a couple of mods if you want to use your series one as you need to lose the PAS pump. Other than that, its just a case of taking the old engine mounts and bolting them to the 200Tdi block and everything lines up..!



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I have a lot of photos and documented account on my blog - just to through the engine section: www.nickslandrover.co.uk

Tdi transplants, even into early 90s and 110s, tend to have a lot of vibration al low rpm. I have a fix that I did as a brief test, and once I get the materials back will be fitting permanently. If it works, I'll post the details up.

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