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Registering a Land Rover from Gibraltar


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I don't think the obstacles you will face will be to do with its origin, they will be to do with its specification and type approvals. How old is it and do you know if it has a UK Certificate of Conformity? Stuff like emissions has to be right for its year and if it isn't it could be expensive. The differences between markets started off as pretty basic in the mid 90s (a UK spec Tdi Defender had a cat and EGR system though it didn't need either to pass the MOT) but now is a bit more complicated I think!

I live in the Falklands and know a few people that have tried it over the years. Somewhere at work I have details of a company that will do it all for you so will try and remember to dig that out on Monday.

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I'd be interested in that as well. I've bought your old landy and I'd like to take it home when this contract finishes. Shipping won't be a problem, but I'd like to know what difficulties I'd face with registering it at home.



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