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Rear Drive Member Seals - Any Help Please

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Hello All

Could someone please give me some advise as I am stuck and cannot figure out what is wrong exactly.

I was out in the bus the other day (110 200Tdi with Salisbury Rear). Whilst out I noticed quite a lot of seap from the joint of the rear drive shaft to hub.

Reading the technical forum I confirm my suspicions and so I went out and bought gaskets and plastic caps for both sides.

I have come to remove the o/s drive shaft from the axel today and, having removed the 5 17mm studs cannot for the life in me split the drive shaft drom the hub.

I have tried shocking it with a hammer and even tried a cold chisel to split them but to no avail.

There is a slight sign of movement. I have sprayed around the joint with freeing oil and when I was giving up and replacing the studs, whilst tightening them down it was obvious that the gap (small as it may be) was closing up as some oil was pushed out. So I removed the studs again and began trying to split - no joy.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.



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It is typical to find the axle has been welded to the hub, and I mean welded purposely as to stop backlash or other issues.

Pull the axle completely out "with the hub" as one piece. It will all slide out of the diff with gentle manipulation.

Nothing here to worry about and all is easy.


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The drive shaft free floats inside the hub - I can push it in as far as the circlip and pull it out approx 7mm so its definately not that thats holding it in. Thing is, its leaking oil everywhere so I have got to sort that joint out one way or another.

Dont know which way to go with this now. Any other ideas ?


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well the way i'd have a go at freeing it is. leave the 5 bolts out the flange. put it in a low gear with the centre diff unlocked and slowly take up drive while standing on the brake pedal. This should transfer all drive via that flange and hopefully free it up a bit. If it's just carp in there it should move, if something else is going on the car will try and move.

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