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1985 defender 90 white smoke when started

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White smoke is unburnt fuel (black is incomplete combustion from not enough air, and blue smoke is from burning oil). It is normal to get white smoke on start up when the engine is cold. It should clear when the engine starts to warm and shouldn't occur when starting a warm engine.

Unburnt fuel could also occur if the injectors aren't atomising properly - that needs to be fixed quick smart as fuel can be washing the cylinder bores, leading to scoring of the bores.

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its pretty normal for this engine-providing its the original 2.5NA non turbo engine. They are indirect injection engines in that there is a small pre-combustion chamber or hot spot in the head that the fuel is injected into unlike the direct injection 200/300tdi engines that squirt straight into the combustion chamber. As a result you get unburnt fuel lying in them when you shut the engine off, and also when it starts which thens shows as a puff of white smoke on startup. If it carries on for longer than the initial starting phase and it runs lumpy then its either a glow plug not working, retarded timing, or an injector fault

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