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What's that warning light? RRC exclamation mark


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We have here a 1990 RRC 3.9i GCC spec (low tech, no code display)

Have no Owners manual to read what this means.

We are talking here about the light with the exclamation mark and yellow/amber colour.


Had the same light before and disconnecting the battery solved the issue for a while, but now its back...

The light came up again a few times and I just reset all by diconnecting the negative on the battery.

BTW this model is not equipped with traction control or cats (therefore no o2 sensors)!

today something new came up - the light got on while driving.

what would be your next guess to check?

So guys put the thinking caps on and help me with this!

For a start:

Which sensors are checked from the ECU at the start process?

Which sensors play a role after a while driving?

Why I am asking - after reseting the car the light comes up while driving and moderate throttle. Tried also reving the engine stationary and it didnt came up.

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According to my owners manual it's "Fuel injection/Emission failure".

I believe this is often caused by inoperative or slugish lambda sensor(s).

I had this on my previous 3.9 hotwire. I read somwhere that the hotwire ecu does not take the lambdas into account until it has seen one transition (lean-rich or rich-lean). I confirmed this by putting putting a pot in place of the sensor to simulate signal transitions. I left it idling for at least 1/2 hour and no warning light appeared, twiddled the pot once to simulate a sensor transition and after about a minute the warning light came on. This was repeatable every time.

What was happening is the sensors were to sluggish to respond idling or reving the engine, but under load driving they were seeing enough hot exhaust gas to make them transition very slowly, hence the the light only coming on when being driven. I fitted some known good second hand sensors, problem solved.


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The EFi fault light is often only opperational on NAS spec cars, not on Uk spec cars. you can also tell the ECU to ignore the lambdas by changing the tune select resistor, fitted in the loom near the ECU. I don't know where the law stands on that though.

IIRC the traction control light has 2 circles either side of the exclamation mark but it's been a while, the soft dash I drive now has different symbols.

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