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Drag link, defender v disco


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I want to change the steering over so that it has a proper steering joint at the steering box end. I have got the box and the disco style arm.

Now the nice shiney sumo drag link (defender) is a couple of inches too short. Do I just get a disco drag link to replace the defender one?

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I am also thinking about this, beings I've already bought new HD drag links. I was thinking about maching a short adapter/spacer to thread into the end of the drag link to make it the same length as a Discovery and either weld or thread lock it in so it wont come loose.


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The Defender arm is shorter than the Disco / RRC one due to the swan neck. You will have to replace the Defender one with a Disco / RRC version.

I wouldn't recommend making up a spacer or welding anything on a road going vehicle.

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