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td5 starting problem


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I had three times last week when my td5 was very reluctant to start.

When the key was turned all the dash lights etc come up, but she has not started. can be either a click from the solenoid or nothing.

After lots of key turning, she went from nothing (etc lights etc.) to solenoid clicking to eventual starting. once she has started , will re-start as if nothing was wrong.

New battery was fitted 3 weeks ago.

Not funny when I need to go somewhere, especially with car full of family. So any hints or advice gratefully received.


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The starter motor on the Td5 is a bit of a weakness as the solenoid contacts burn out - it would be what I would look at first. You can buy new contacts - if you look in the tech archive there is a supplier in one of the threads IIRC

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Had a similar problem this afternoon, but instead of one click then nothing, it was a rapid clicking (from under bonnet) and what seemed like a chirp from the alarm in time with the clicking, all the lights on the dashboard flashed in time with the clicking also. I tried to start it a few times and this resulted in a loud click from the centre of the dashboard. Managed to bumpstart and it now starts fine, but the radio now requests the code to be entered (complete power supply failure?). There seemed to be no power to the starter motor as when left in gear and turned over, nothing happened (except the chirping), no jerk or movement at all. Is this another symptom of a solinoid failure as no power was getting to the motor or is summit amiss elsewhere?

sorry for hijacking thread but im hoping its a similar problem -falls to knees praying-

Thankyou in advance ;o)

Its a D2 '99 manual.

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well that's not too drastic, the radio powered up fine, fans were blowing and stuff as I turned key so I didn't think it would be that, but I guess it takes alot more umpf to start the thing than it does to run stuff ;o) Not sure of the age/condition of the battery so a new one wont be too difficult to explain to the wallet ;oD

Dont suppose you know why all the dashboard lights flashed and it made the chirping noise do you? thats the thing that got me.. I thought that if there wasn't enough power it would just sit there. Mind you, if there was just too little it would make it to a certain point in it's start up then fail, and keep retrying?

a head scratching thankyou...


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