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Prop Vibration

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Changed one the UJs in the front prop of my 200tdi 90 as per excellent article by Tony ( Thanks Tony ) in the Tech. Saction.

I have however now got bad vibration thru the drive drain.

Marked the alinement for prop etc. as I removed it and was carefully in assembling the UJ joint.

I did notice that the prop york and joint looked a bit beaten, up but was fine before ?? Complete new prop maybe ?

Any Ideas ?



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Interesting. Could just be coincidence :S how are your t-box output and diff nose bearings. I'm sure someone will be along this evening with some wisdom lol

Just recently changed the Front Transfer box output Bearing !!

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Problem now sorted.

On closer inspection, daylight helps .. !! one side of the UJ was not clamped fully tight and the spring clip was only partially in the slot, so was small bit of play in the joint. :huh:

Clamped it in with G-clamp and two 18mm sockets. :)


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