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its running but what next


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Oh Bugger


A "Certain Mod" has hit "Edit" rather than reply button

Ooops !

But in answer to

"WTF Do I Do Now :ph34r: " Post ....................


OK, I will you later but IMHO order is as follows

Ensure EVERYTHING is working right - ie Coolant temp, MAT temp, MAP pressure etc etc Lambda etc etc etc etc, pointless tuning if a basic sensor etc isn't working

If all is working how does it sound, prob rich

If the coolant is less than 72 degress then the Warm up procss may be adding even more fuel, so go into Warm Up Enrichment, check and if need be reduce to 100%

This way you are then running on 100% fuel of the VE Table

Check now, if too rich then think of Basic settings and fuel require as a ROUGH adjustment, this will reduce / increase fuel ACROSS the entire fuelling range, try tuning this by ear (and nose :rofl: until it seems "Crisper", then save and mnake sure its saved.

FINE Tuning is then done via driving it and tuning the VE table further, see the A-Z thread for a exactly how to tune.

Then and only then start putting warm up back in

You also have to sort spark, the msq I built you was a best guess, you could find another suzuki, blank off advance, and then pick RPM limits with a timing light to get base timing no advance, and a google of 3 may give you max adavnce, send me all this and I can do something much better for you


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