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AIRTAC Air treatment... whatsamacallit..


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Found this in the garage while clearing out. Came with my truck I bought last year but have never known what it was for.

Found this today AIRTAC but still not really the wiser. I am guessing it could be used for air treatment in AC pump powered air supply systems, to remove the oil used to lubricate the pump but not sure if that is correct or how this would be done.

Anyone in the know?



post-13046-023376300 1283264374_thumb.jpg

post-13046-075881600 1283264384_thumb.jpg

post-13046-043681300 1283264402_thumb.jpg

post-13046-093065200 1283264414_thumb.jpg

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It looks like a regulator, with a water trap and an oiler

on the lefthandside of the first picture is the regulator - to regulate the ouput to a set pressure, determined by turning the knob on the top - with an integral water trap, to stop any condensed water getting to whatever you have attached at the end.

On the righthandside looks like an oiler - to add oil to the air so that things like air tools stay lubricated.

It should have the input on the left and the output on the right I believe.



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