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Newbie suspension question

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Hi All,

Can I put +2 inch springs and shock on without having to change the radius arms, bumpstops etc? Will this cause some damage? Is it better to stick to standard height and change everything at once when I can afford it?



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Hi, 2" springs & shocks will fit just fine,BUT my advice to you is stop & think first !!!! where will it all end !! If you are thinking of doing a bit of green laning & some play sites & not going mad & not put a winch on then + 2" shocks

& springs will be ok, but if you get carried away as I did you will keep up grading every yr or so spend a small fortune.I started with a D90 van back 4 yrs ago now it's almost a full winch challenge pickup so the morel to this story is wait & buy once. :blink:

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I've never bothered with anything more than the brake lines, probably not ever going to get maximum extreme super hardcore travel but I get about ok.

I go through prop shaft UJ's abit quicker but that's it.

I would suggest buying a decent set of springs and shocks rather than spreading your money too thin trying to buy it all at once.

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RGP, you may find that you get some unwanted prop vibration due to the diff pinion being raised by the lift. The only solution to this is changing the length of the trailing arms at the rear, or castor correction at the front.

I would extend your brake lines as a matter of course.

Having raised my previous truck by 2" I don't see the point in doing it unless you are running huge tyres, and won't be lifting my new truck.

The lift gets you a slightly better approach/departure/breakover but it's lack diff clearance or grip/cross-axle that usually halts progress, and this comes down to tyre size and suspension articulation.

A lift doesn't help articulation, the on-road handling is worse, increased body roll, less steering self-centering, higher COG and possible prop vibration.

Personally, I will be saving my cash for increasing the articulation without lifting the truck.

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Hi gromit, as the title suggests I'm a bit of a novice. Could you give some suggestions how I'd improve on articulation keeping the suspension standard height? What size tyres constitutes huge? I've got 265/75 16's I think can't remember the ratio just now?

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There was a members vehicle that I was looking at that was a very good example of a staged upgrade to improve articulation, using a combination of gwyn lewis and x-eng components - I'll try and find it now....

By huge I mean anything that rubs the seatboxes and/or needs the wheel arches trimmed - 33" territory - and indeed half-shaft snapping territory. I'm running 255/85R16 on standard suspension with no issues.


So here's SteveG's truck

I'm sure there are many more examples but this one caught my eye. He does have a small lift, but from page 2 of the thread is pretty much what I plan (eventually <_< ) for my 110. Standard-ish height, extended shocks, lowered shock mounts, more flexy arms, possibly x-eng helper springs. But all of this could easily be done in stages and shouldn't compromise the on-road handling.

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