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transfer box leaking oil ?!?

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Not sure if this will help but I have recently had a leak on my power steering and front diff, as a quick solution there are products on the market which i have used and stopped my leaks, on ebay there is a Lucas oil that you can put in gearboxes, engines etc which contain a mineral that penetrates the seals and small cracks and stops the leak, whilst also (it claims?) will be better than just normal oil. My power steering fluid was replaced with a brand bought from a moto-bits kind of place and its made by Comma, this has also worked andstopped the leak. Not sure how long a solution it will be but i had to do something for a quick fix, had both in for about a month and all seems fine, STP and most large well known manufacturers do similar products


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hey all quick question iv got a bit of a leak from the transfer box on my 2.5td 90

is there a common oil seal that goes or is it a case of taking it apart and seeing whats leaking ?

thanks :)

Try to find where it's leaking from. Front and rear outpiy shaft seals easy to fix, cleaning breather also easy job but replacing seal / o-ring and more on intermediate shaft is much more work => remove complete unit and strip. Check this post: LT230 Transfer Box rebuild



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