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TD5 Flashing Odometer


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Hi all,

After my alternator died on Sunday (Manby Mud Run!) I managed to continue driving but everything died, I mean the lot. This included the instrument panel. The engine continued to run dwith only 5v left in the battery (how I do not know), but nothing else.

Anyway, cut a long story short, charged the battery fully and everything is fine. Alternator is already in for an overhaul.

The odometer is flashing though. Still recording the correct mileage, apart from, I expect, the "missing bit" when the instrument panel went down.

I've aquired a second hand Nanocom from the forum and was wondering if this could be my first fix with it? Instructions seem, erm, limited and internet searches are proving unhelpful. I've learned the instrument panel has lost communication with the ECU, or BCU (various sources state one or the other). Can I restore this or is it a dealer visit?

Cheers, Martin

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Many thanks.

I have just found the unlock codes for the BCU settings (registered with Nanocom now) and from your PDF above will be able to do it in the morning.

Many thanks for the quick reply.

Can I ask where you found the PDF? It would save me asking lots of questions if there are other, similar available! The "User Manual" that came on the CD is pants.

Thanks, Martin

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