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I need to replace the brake manifold that sits on top of the rear diff of the Rangie.

I don't have a picture but it has two inpits from the rear :blink: and one output to each side.

It is a brasss casting and I've lunched the threads on one of the outputs :angry: . It would appear the previous owner had a brake line replaced and the T"£%er who did it cross threaded the brake fitting but got it to seal.

I come along to replace that brake line and of course there isn't enough thread left to get a puchase and it strips :angry::angry: .

Fittings are imperial.

Bluddy Land Rovers.


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Not really.

All the in/outputs are horizontal and there is a hole through the casting so it can be bolted to the bracket on the diff housing.

It's sort of "T" shaped in plan, but the T is very squat.

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Guest diesel_jim
Is it something like this ?


From VWP

has anyone got an IMPERIAL one of these kicking around they don't want?

I'm just building a "new" back axle for my project90-2 and i discovered to my "pleasure" this afternoon that the one i've got is a metric one.

swap for metric or beer tokens? B)

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Guest diesel_jim

Just make up the brake lines to fit what you have - I just had to do one end imperial, the other metric 'casue the caliper I ordered came metric :ph34r:

I though about maybe doing that, especially as the axle is sat on a trolley in my garage, it's nice and easy to get to, i just thought that it would be the lazy arsed way out of doing more work easier to get the union. :D

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