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a bit of fuel tank guidance

ricky tango

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hi guys bit of a question on fuel tanks ,

currently have a rrc bobtail 3.9 petrol with underslung ali tank

looking to fit a rear winch in the space where the tank is fitted

plus i need a larger tank as mine is only 32 liters

the tank I'm looking at is 900mm wide x 500 mm deep x 230mm tall

it will be made professionally of ali with internal baffles and will be mounted in the back of the truck to the boot floor

I'm not building this to be a competing truck but i would like the chance to give it a go in the future and so want to get the tank fitted and shielded right to allow me to do so if i feel in the mood to compete lightly in the future

what ive been told is the tank needs to be fully enclosed from the cab / driver ,

so is this just a case of making a box for this tank to be fitted inside with all feeds returns exiting through the floor of the vehicle ?

can this box be a bolt together item so as to allow access to the tank when needed?

does the filler pipe have to be enclosed also as this would be running from the rear quarter in to the the vehicle and then into the top of the tank?

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hi hope this helps nik

This is from the MSA blue book

Fuel Systems

5.13.1. Have any fuel lines passing through the

driver/passenger compartment protected and, if nonmetallic,

to be internally or externally metal braided

hydraulic pressure hose or fuel lines complying with

FIA specifications.

5.13.2. They may only be joined by screwed sealing

joints or vehicle manufacturers approved joint.

5.13.3. If fitted with fuel fillers in a closed boot, or under

closure, have collector/spill trays incorporated to drain

outside the vehicle.

5.13.4. Use Pump Fuel (see definition Nomenclature

and Definitions) except, subject to prior written

authority having been given by the MSA, where

permitted otherwise under event SRs, and

Championship Regulations.

5.13.5. If using LPG, the entire system must conform

with Construction and Use regulations and LPG

Industry Technical Association Code of Practice No. 11.

5.13.6. If using non-pump fuel have a 3 inch diameter

‘Day-Glo’ orange disc affixed immediately adjacent to

the Competition Numbers on both sides.

(so is this just a case of making a box for this tank to be fitted inside with all feeds returns exiting through the floor of the vehicle ?

can this box be a bolt together item so as to allow access to the tank when needed?)

yes it can as this is now your boot

Tank Fillers, Vents and Caps

6. Tank fillers and caps must not protrude beyond the

bodywork or be situated within the driver/passenger

compartment. The caps must have an efficient locking

action to reduce the risk of opening during an accident

and to ensure closing after refuelling (14.1.2). Air vents

must be at least 25cm to the rear of the cockpit and

must be designed to prevent the escape of fuel should

the vehicle be inverted. It is recommended that a non

return valve is incorporated in the vent system. The

entire fuel tank area ‘Licked by the open air stream’

must incorporate a crushable structure as follows:

the crushable structure bit is for single seater race cars

14.1.2. Fuel

(a) Fuel Tanks and Pipes – every effort should be

made to isolate fuel tanks and pipes from the

driver/passenger compartment. The risk of fuel

spillage from accident damage can be reduced by

use of bag type tanks or by coating metal tanks

with GRP. Tanks should be located so that they

are given maximum protection by the structure of

the vehicle. Vents should be designed to avoid

spillage if the vehicle becomes inverted.

(b) Fuel Fillers – these should be designed and

located to reduce risk of damage. Filler caps

should not be liable to open in the case of an

accident. Simple screw caps are effective. The

positive locking of the fuel filler caps is

recommended. The filler pipe to the tank should

be of minimum possible length and not protrude

beyond the bodywork (6).

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