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Fitting a TDI or TD5 steering colomn to a 1988 90

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Hi all,

I have a very modified 1988 90 with many upgrades. I have some 305-70-16 tyres with a small 12 inch "Astralli" steering wheel which I thought was fine until I took the wheel off for re-furbishment and stuck the original kind back on (Big hard plastic 4 spoked thing) which made the steering feel very light due to its bigger size) So I would like something in between the huge 90 wheel and the 12 inch Astralli wheel

I would like to fit the 2 spoked Tdi/TD5 Defender wheel with the plastic pop out land rover oval in the centre (Not leather TD5 County ES "airbag style" wheel) although I know these have a different spline count to that of a 1988 90 and I know the TD5 County leather wheel will fit straight on but these seem expensive anyway and I like the Standard TD5 Wheel.

My question is, How easy would it be to swap the steering colomn over from a Tdi or Td5 defender with mine?.

Also could someone please measure the diameter of their Tdi/TD5 steering wheel for me!

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