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V8 Gaskets for Serp 3.8 needed

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Hi all,

The 5.2 JED being rebuilt us a 4.6 over stroked modded block, with 3.9 Serpentine front timing cover etc, and a few werid bits :blink: which have to have special JED Gaskets.

But, I am a firm beliver in not using anything pattern where its either importnat, safety critical, or expensive dmaage if goes wrong, or don't want the risk

As such I wnat to build wherever poss with Genuine Gaskets

I seem to rememeber in the distant past that LR did full engine gasket / seal rebuild kits, but can't find them

Working on the basis this is a 3.9 SERPENTINE V8 can some list up the part numbers for whatever the gasket kit(s) are for a full top to toe rebuild replacing every seal gasket etc



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If you go genuine you will probably end up with tin head gaskets, whereas the often preferred option is composite Elring gaskets, assuming you are keeping the comp the same, JED may even have special gaskets for this area....

The genuine valley gasket will also be tin, but there is a much improved composite version which may also be Elring, but widely available. Also with your uber porting they may not fit.

Genuine exhaust port gaskets will be too small for your ports, I have found some 'bog bore' composite gaskets on ebay very very good, currently running on them and not a leak with just standard bolts and 3.9 manifolds.

TBH, whilst LR got most stuff right, the fact that the RV8 has been tweaked and modded so much in the past there are people 'out there' that can give you more/better info for your specific application.

The short of it is, as JED what they recommend for all the gaskets, I am sure they will know better than a bunch of rank amateurs (like me!  :lol:) and then get them to supply, I doubt it will be much more expensive than genuine.... and you will have peace of mind...

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Not sure of the manufacturers (except Elring for the head gaskets) but all the gaskets I have had from Paul @ V8 Tuner have been of really good quality, not leaking a drop, except my sump plug washer which I forgot to get!

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