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Howling wolf round 3 - 12th September


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Entries now closed

Entry list as follows

Number Driver Co-Driver Vehicle Class

2 Nick Watts Mark Catchpole Rogue Vogue 2

3 Kevin Pocock Dan Elias Range Rover 1

4 Richard Nicolson Nick Bolt Land Rover 90 2

8 Bob Smith Dawn Smith Land Rover 3

10 Dan Smith Bert Smith Land Rover 90 2

13 Peter Jackson Richard Norris Range Rover 2

15 Andrew Woodhouse Mark Whetton Land Rover Defender 2

17 Jonathan Smith Alan Webb Land Rover 90 3

19 Sam Coulton Matthew Martin Land Rover 90 3

24 John Barrie Gee Adam Gee Tomcat 1

29 Jonathan Bird Jamie Isaac Land Rover 90 2

31 Ian Moulsdale Tom Salt Land Rover 90 2

32 David Cornwell Rob Edgar Land Rover 90 2

33 Rupert Denne Hugh Chapman Land Rover Defender 3

34 Gordon Conway James Coghlan Landrover Hybrid 2

35 Chris Genner Dan Dawkins Land Rover Defender 3

36 Mark Burfitt Will Christie Hall Land Rover 90 3

38 Robert Jones Darren Chesher Land Rover 90 2

40 Gwyn Lewis Geraint Davies Land Rover 90 2

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Our ASBO Buggy has been sold... and we are now building two new vehicles, 1 veeery trick tubular bodied Suzuki Jimny... and an out and out single seat rock racer... gay MSA regs and US style buggies do not work and never will... So we are building a truck for each discipline...

Tubular Jimny for Challenge...


Single seat racer for the up coming 2011 British Dirt season...


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