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Td5 R380 into 300tdi


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nicks90: the "380" is a reference to the maximum torque the tranny can handle - 380NM, not the length of the input shaft.

TD5 input shaft is different to a TDi one, longer, and probably has different clutch splines and/or spigot bearing diameter too. You can use the box, but you'd need to strip it down and swap the input shaft for a TDi item.

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im currently trying to do this conversion!..

from what i have done today. iv split them both and stiped it so i can remove the imput shafts and swaped them over,

as i was re assembling it i realsied that the main bearing on input shaft is larger on the td5 then 300.

so i used the 300 casing and front plate and the reassembled it again. while was doing that, after doing 6 bolts for the front plate and bolting the casing on it then didnt want to turn.. so i took it apart again and couted the teeth.. 32 teeth on the input shaft and the conecting gear on the layshaft.

the bearing are the same on layshaft and from what i have measured the inner bearing for the iinput shaft is the same on 300 and td5 and the outer bearing is lager on the td5 and the 300 is smaller.

so i took it apart again and put the td5 casing, front plat and main shaft back in and it was fine, turned lovely.

i do look and layshafts and theyall have same tooth count. so the only thing i can think of is swapping the td5 main bearing onto the 300 input shaft.

its not as easy you think, i was told that all that needed doing was swapping the shafts, but that isnt the case it seems.

if anyone can shed some light then im all ears lol



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