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Wobbly windows

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Before I strip down my door cards and scratch my head I thought I'd ask on here.

When my window is wound down the glass rattles around inside the door whenever we go round corners or, even worse, when the door is opened and shut.

i'm worried I'm going to smash the window sometimes.

The window can also dislodge itself from the channel when it's down.

Is it a matter of reaplcing a worn out channel or is there more that holds the window in place?

How does the channel fix to the insides of the door?


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you my find its just the felt runners rusted away. but sometimes the part off the bottom of the doors rust away and the felt just floats about in the door. as i found out with my doors :angry: i fixed my doors and fitted new felts got mine from the peterbouough show last year.

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There are very small counter sunk headed screws that hold the felt it place they or the door its screwed into can rust away quite easily.

Its an ok job, bit of a cripton factor getting the window in and out but nice when it works.

Ssomething i did find was when you wind the window down does it totally disapear? if so then it will rattle as there is nothing supporting the top of it. if its this, you can mechanically stop the window from going down so far by just putting a block of something not water absorbent (i.e. not wood) if its not that then you need new felts.

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Its usually the same bit that rots away in the doors. You can get replacement sections to weld on. I will be doing this as mine have rotted away at the bottom. I had exactly what you have and bought new felt runners. Be careful you dont use an oversized screw to fit them as it can damage the glass.


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