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Left and right springs

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What is the purpose for the original land rover springs to have one driver and one passenger version? Is it only because the weight is slightly more on the driver side if your riding alone? Sound a bit weird. No one else usually have that spec on there springs.

Should it not work just as well with two passenger springs in the front?


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The springs are colour coordinated differently for all four corners.

If you put them in the wrong place you may see your vehicle sagging to one side.


Any Idea of what colours go where on the springs. I get the idea mine is wrong, cant get rid of the sagging on the drivers side.

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Did the rears last week and the fronts today. All with o.e. standard springs. Mine now sits with the passenger side down at the front <_< and no I haven't got them on the wrong sides. Hoping it just needs to settle down after being on rotten rusty lumps of bent wire for so long. It rides a huge amount better.


p.s. last owner didn't bother with 2 of the washers on one of the front shocks so the locating hole was out of round but the correct bits seem to have gone in fine with no real play.

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What makes the left and right springs different? (except for the colour coding of course :). Are they suppose to be different heights/lenghts or are they differently tempered? Mine has lost their colour coding long ago, how would you differentiate?

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