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I have had a thought (and am now sat down having a rest :D )

In a few months time, i will be embarking on the rebuild of a friends 90 from a galv chassis upwards. It's a 85 model, so odds are most of the bolts are going to be seized solid or missing completely, which made me have this particular thought....

If anyone has done, or is in the process of doing a rebuild, why not start a list in the tech archives of fastener sizes and quantities that have been used, as well as other useful consumables like rivets, self tappers etc etc, that way anyone else embarking on such a challenge has a rough idea of what bolts to get hold of, and also of how much they are likely to cost.....I know that it is possible to get hold of such a list by spending a few hours on the 'cat, but they don't always give the size, just a description.

An list of suppliers at the beginning (or end) would be a useful addition too - sort of a one stop rebuild your landrover shop.

Just one of those crazy friday afternoon ideas really......discuss :D

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A word of caution on stainless fasteners, sticking them in where there's aluminium parts can be worse than normal BZP fasteners:


I'd just buy an assortment party bucket of BZP metrics from Namrick or the like and only use "proper" LR ones where they are needed (EG the long bulkhead bolts etc.).

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An d also bear in mind Stainless is low strength - far less than a std 8.8 bolt :ph34r:


A4 stainless has pretty much identical strength properties to 8.8 steel

A2 is slightly less so.

Definitely agree that you need to isolate S/S bolts from aluminium though.

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I remember buying a {:content:}amp;%@-load of M8s and M6s when I put the 88" back together. Pretty much all the bodywork is held together with them :)

As I did with mine too-A nut and bolt place would be the answer me thinks


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