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2.5TD to 300 tdi conversion air intake

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My 16L 300tdi engine came complete with air filter and pipework, but until today, I had not realised that the air intake is on the driver's side of the vehicle whereas on the 19J it's on the passenger side. (doh!)

Obviously there is a range of options, including making the correct size and shape of hole in my OS wing to allow the intake to be moved across (less than completely satisfactory since the orientation of the intake will be wrong, and the hole is an irregular shape with a rebated edge which will be a PIA to re-create) through to obtaining a OSF wing from a newer vehicle.

One option is to fit a snorkle. I had not previously intended to do this since I think they are largely bling and I wasn't going to waste my money. However, if it's an alternative to spending money on a new wing and simply involves drilling a round hole in the top of the wing and routing the intake pipe up to it, it starts to look a lot more like a sensible option.

What have others done in similar circumstances? Is there a fairly simple option which does not involve major metal work modifications or expense on new parts?

Does anyone make a snorkle which does not mate to the wing side intake but goes straight through the wing top, and if not, which snorkle option would be the best one to start from to make such a set up?


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