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Freelander Camshaft Position / Timing


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Hi All

Please be gentle for two reasons: firstly I am new on here, second I have just commited a basic error

I own a 1998 Freelander Series1 1.8 petrol

The head gasket gave up the ghost and I decided to replace myself. I set the timing, marked Camshaft sprockets and position of sprockets on to each Camshaft :)

Stripped all down had head skimmed, cleaned all parts (yes including camshafts and sprockets) I even removed the marks I had been so careful to put on. :(

Now I am STUCK (I know which camshaft is inlet and exhaust) but I have no idea what position they should be in!!??

Due to the roll pin in the end of them it looks like I can either have the pin at 4oclock or 8oclock (ish)

Which camshaft sprocket goes on which camshaft?

What position should the camshafts be in?

Help please

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Have a look in the technical archive for the RAVE manuals, should tell you everything you need to know, if not then I'm sure someone who knows will be along in a minute.

Thanks very much.

I have found the RAVE manuals. After a quick read the one I require is cd3? (Freebie/Freelander)

I am currently downloading now, with any luck I will have an answer shortly.

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as per haynes manual and how i did it last.

quote. both intake and exhaust camshaft sprockets are the same but each one is equipped with two locating pin cut outs. if the sprocket is being fitted to the intake camshaft, engage the locating pin in the IN cut out, and if the sprocket is being fitted to the exhaust camshaft, engage the locating pin in the EX cut-out.

ensure each one is engaged fully and refit the washer(correct way around) and retaining bolt.

hope that helps

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This thread will help you -


Sprockets are the same as each other - the critical point is the position of the locating pin in the end of the cam in relation to whichever sprocket is fitted to it. As long as you don't turn the crank once the timing belt is off - it doesn't matter which way round/what timing marks you use, as long as you mark them or make a note of their position. If you don't know how it was before you took it apart, then you will need to start from scratch and set the crank on it's timing mark, and then the cams. If the head/cams are back on the engine, then just rotating the crank or one of the cams, might make contact with a piston and an open valve. When the crank is on the timing mark, all 4 pistons are level with each other - that is - half way up/down the bores. With the crank on the timing mark, the cams can be turned to the correct position, but the exhaust cam will not easily stay on it's mark, as two of the lobes are right on the peak, and will click over.


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Hi All

I found the RAVE manuals and downloaded it and burnt it 3 times, but each time I try and run I get an error message. Looks like the original ISO posting has become corrupt (maybe to do with the fact they were posted some time ago)

Every time I try and run it the error message says certain files are not there (not the same file each time)

Thanks to all for you help. I will (weather permitting) have a look later to check the location of the pin (dowel) in the relevant cam sprocket.

Fingers crossed

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as my post says the cam sprockets are the same. as you know which is the inlet cam and exhaust cam surely my post is easy to follow. the exhaust cam has the sprocket dowel in the EX side and the inlet cam has the sprocket dowel in the IN side.


you can just see in the image above the EX mark in the left hand sprocket with the dowel in that side. and on the right sprocket you can see the dowel by the IN side.(image is just for viewing. not saying this is the correct way around)

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