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disco 300 revs


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To elaborate, the 300Tdi can have two alternators fitted one has a 49mm pulley and one has a 61mm pulley and the rev counter in the vehicle needs to be calibrated for the correct one, so if somebody has fitted the wrong one at some point in the past (or changed the rev counter) it will rubbish up the reading. Also the belts are a different length.

I think it sounds a little high so chances are it has the small pulley and the rev counter is calibrated for the big pulley. How old is the vehicle?

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hi thanks for the replies.

its a Mreg also it had a new alternator fitted just before i bought it and its not a landrover one, cant really see any names on it apart from the remains of a label with a part no. on it.

Also had to fit a new binnacle as the one in when i bought it was stuffed

thanks for the help.

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You could look at the aux belt... if it is marked 1580 it'll be the 'new' alternator size, if it is 1595 it'll be the 'old'.

That assumes the correct belt has been fitted for the alternator which may not be so :)

If it is M reg it probably should have the large pulley (this was fitted to the first year or so of production), and it probably has the small pulley fitted as later 300s all had that, so that would explain the rev counter reading.

Cheapest option would be to get the correct pulley, it should fit and the alternator is otherwise the same.

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