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It is my pleasure to announce that Nigel Barker is to become the Treasurer of LR4x4.com LTD

I am resigning my roles with LR4x4.com as Work and other commitments have now taken precedence. I will still be around the place, but not in any administrative roles.

I leave the Board of the LTD company today we are in safe hands with the team at the helm

and now just into its fifth year the board is a strong place with a huge resource of superb members, a far cry from the humble beginnings.

I have made many friends on the site and around the globe through the common interest of Land Rovers.

thanks All.

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Good luck with your new ventures Tony and may I offer my thanks for all of your work on behalf of this forum , you and all the team do a lot keeping this all going smoothly and on topic :)

.....its surely pure coincidence that Nige has the purse strings just as the 5.2 rebuild gets underway.. :hysterical::hysterical:

Just pulling your halfshaft Mr B ;) may your career in finance be long and glorious :P



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Being slightly dyslexic doesn't seem to affect figures :)

And, I have been told on numerous occasions that I am a complete Count,

so alls well for LRs future :P

Seriously, all respect to TC who has spent the past few years making LR4x4 a site to

be copied by many, but still is the tech Site in the UK for Tech LRs and 4x4ing

If I can do half the job TC has done......... I'll be knackered :lol:


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Well, big thanks to Tony. Its been a great to be able to work with you and I wish you every success in your new ventures. Please hang around though, you've lots of friends here.

And, a big thanks to Nige, for stepping up to the podium and helping us continue to keep up the momentum of this great forum.

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As an avid reader, but infrequent contributor, I really appreciate all the work the admin team puts into running this site, and being Treasurer is one of the most thankless. Many thanks for your energy and input, and I wish you every success for your future ventures.

As for you, Nige, I expect one class act to follow another, notwithstanding the new build (or is it a vapour project?), and I wish you every success.


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Tony, Thank you for all you have done here from inviting us over at the start, through to developing the site on through its various guises. Your help is greatly appreciated. You know where i am if you want to pop in any time. Hope to see you back in the fold in due course. (Tray back V8 Auto maybe?)

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