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series pto on lt230?


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I had an idea about this!

If you make an adapter, say about 20mm thick to convert the hole pattern - then you need a longer engagement dog. Make one half of the dog to fit the PTO and the other to fit the gearbox.

You need a lathe to turn the outside profile for the dog, but the female spline is actually really easy with only a drill! If you drill a circular bolt pattern (mark out with a compass). Then machine out the middle to leave half the diameter of the holes, the gaps between the individual holes act as the splines to engage with those in the gearbox.

I've made male and female splines like this and it has worked pretty well.

The adapter to change the mounting bolt hole pattern can be laser / water-jet cut then use counter-sunk bolts to hold to the gearbox and PTO.


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