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Range Rover Classic Bits onto1993 Defender?

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Just a quick question.

Iv got a 1990 Range Rover Classic and want to know if I can use suspension parts like shocks and Axles and put them onto my Defender?

The defender is a 1993 with disc brakes at the rear so Im assuming 24 Spline. Is the RRC the same?



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Generally speaking the bits will fit, with the following warnings

The springs and shocks ratings will be different which may affect ride height and handling, 110's need a stronger axle too.

There were a lot of changes to axles around that period on rr's and defenders and you may find that the bits on the rr may have been changed to make it more complicated. Caliper bolts and width of front radius arms may be different are two things that spring to mind.

If you can I would avoid this swap around, it adds a complication without any real advantages.

If you really want to do it post up some more detail (90/110/v8/200tdi/300tdi/abs/anti roll bars fitted etc)

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Thanks for the replies guys. Its a Defender 90 with a V8 in it. Used to be a 200Tdi.

Its only the shocks I wanna nick really. No point in the axles if they're only 10 spline i guess.

Wouldn't even bother doing that. The old rr shocks will be past their best and you can buy new shocks for not much more than £50 for a set (ok they would be britpart..)

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