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Turbo question

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A big Turbo is great if all you do is rev the bollox off the engine and go everywhere flat out. A VVT isn't about screaming big turbo boosts, it's about more useable power throughout the rev range.

None are just bolt on and go. If you change the amount of air going in to the cylinders, you have to match it with the right amount of fuel, so you'll need the ECU remapping to match.

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ECU has been remapped, biggest intercooler mounted as possibly could find, Griffin performance 3" exhaust, EGR removed etc....

looking for more torque as I'm going for an autobox but more since I'm going from 1,4 transferbox to 1,222

Torque is what I want....

but what is the best option, is there a difference between twisted performance - BAS - TD5alive - IRB etc?

all do turbo upgrades...

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you need to understand what the different turbos do and what you actually want from the upgrade.

a variable vane turbo should basically give you max boost at lower revs and maintain that boost throughout the rev range by altering the angle on the vanes.

A normal turbo has fixed vanes and hence produces max boost at predetermined revs and maintains that boost pressure by bleeding excess boost off as the revs rise.

What boost you are running now and what boost you want to run in the future are also factors you need to decide on. The different types of turbos above wont necessarily mean you are producing MORE boost, for that you need to speak to the retailers if they can run at higher pressures. Running a VVT wont automatically give you more power, but it may indeed give you more oomph at lower revs and hence better grunt when setting off / flooring it from low revs / low speed responce offroad.

A different turbo like a vvt, even running the same boost pressures, will require a specific remap to match the new characteristics.

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The IRB one is incredibly good!

Test drove a car with this turbo fitted a while ago and made such a difference.

Also Ian is extremely clued up with the td5's, far more than one could imagine, so he could easily recommend a turbo from his range that would be perfect for the job!

look for porny on here and pm him :)

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ECU is remapped, and should normally give enough diesel to the engine trough complete rev-range ;-)

As joe says, your current ecu will have been mapped to your existing set-up, ANYTHING you might add to the engine can make a different to the fuelling demands, and without doubt, changing the turbo will definately mean another remap. Do not think that just because its fine now, it will be fine in the future....... it wont!

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