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Headlight relay location & dimdip removal


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Morning all,

Looking at resolving my partially functioning lights :angry::lol:

Parking lights work, as does dim-dip and the headlight flash, but I've no dips or mains, which is interesting in the dark.

I now have a wiring diagram, which I didn't have when I took the column shroud apart 2 days ago.

The main lighting switch appears to work, though I didn't have wire colours to confirm there is 12v coming out the correct location at position 2 - that's for tonight..

The headlight flash seems to bypass the main lighting relay. Where is this relay located?

Secondly, while the dimdip relay looks like it's working, how do you remove it. I had read about connecting pins 2 and 8, but there are no pins marked on it. Is connecting the 2 blue/red trace wires into the relay enough?


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A common cause for headlights not working (dip & main) is the failing of the main switch. These switches get hot and the plastic melts allowing the second position (headlight) contact to sink. I have also seen the melted plastic run around the contact and effectively insulate it.

As a first check, I would test the main switch with a multimeter, even if it 'looks' ok.

Headlight flash will continue to work as it does not go through the main switch.


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Hi Dave, Yeah, I know about the main switches melting.

I had a look the other day with a continuity tester and was getting switching on and off on one of the poles, when moving to and from position 2. Armed with the wiring diagram now, I should actually be able to verify the feed out of the switch is ok. <_<

As I have to get this working this evening, I was hoping someone could point me towards the main lighting relay, just in case it isn't the switch.

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Thought I'd conclude this.

I'd been having this problem intermittently for weeks. Driving around with the dash half dismantled in the hope of diagnosing it when it failed - which was always at night, in the rain. :angry:

It finally failed completly and I removed and reseated the main lighting relay and it has been working for a few days now :lol:

Bloody Land Rovers ;)

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