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"Dropped valve" broken disco 200tdi in a 110

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Driving my son home from school tuesday evening, my 110 wasdown on power and horrible knocking noise from engine bay.

The very nice recovery chap, diagnosed the problem with a "dropped valve".

Took the rocker cover off today, and low and beholed a pushrod was broken, thus not operating one of the valves.

the engine is a 200tdi transplanted from a disco.

Do I replace the broken pushrod and hope for the best, or any advice would be gratefully recieved.

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Before spending loads of time and money pulling anything apart or expecting the worst

I would replace the push rod as it’s the cheep option.

Turn it over by hand before starting just to make sure, if it stops you have a bigger problem.

I had a timing belt go while ticking over and bent four push rods.. no damage to valves or piston’s

I was lucky and as far as I know the engine is still going strong.

You may well be lucky also.

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Remove the other pushrods & roll on a flat surface so the rocker cup end overhangs, you'll soon see if any are bent,

are all the rocker arms striaght ? if not replace any suspect ones,

maybe that one pushrod wasn't seated in the cam follower correctly or the follower/slider/roller is fualty.

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