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Clutch master cylinder

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I have no idea how long you would expect a clutch master cylinder to last but mine has started weeping a bit (fluid under clutch pedal in the morning) just over two years after I replaced it last. Checking back my records I got a Lucas cylinder from Paddocks costing £19.40. The same is still available (same price!) but if I look on LR Series they have genuine at £74.54 or replacement at £14.99 so what is a poor boy to make of all that???

If two years is average then I think the Lucas would be a better option than the replacement one which is probably Britpart but wonder if anyone has recommendations.

I do however, now know to replace the slave cylinder at the same time so must be making some progress :-)

Thanks and best wishes


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Thanks for the comments guys. I guess I should stick with a new Lucas master and slave cylinder. Perhaps I was unlucky or perhaps I needed to be more careful - possibly some dirt got in and damaged the seals?

They are both shown as TRW Lucas parts with the slave being given as 591231G and the master as 550732G.

Hopefully this will sort things out.

Best wishes


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