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300 tdi fan


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Watching the gauge will give you the simple answer. I drove mine for a while with a bad viscous clutch which probably approaches having no fan. If you have a/c with the additional fans you can get by except going up long grades in very hot weather.

If you put in an electric fan with a temp switch, you can remove the viscous fan and get the advantages and not have to watch the gauge obsessively.


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Hmmm. If the cooling system is in good nick then you can get away without one. If the truck is moving you hardly need it but what they hate is slogging up a long hill with a trailer then hitting traffic at the top.

I found this with my LSE, yes it's big V8 but it has a big old radiator too. I spoke to the applications engineer at Kenlowe and was advised NOT to replace the viscous with elecrics as they simply can't shift as much air. A visocus draws up to 5hp, work oout what current your fans would need to pull to match that!

Also, if you bin the viscous you loose the constant draw of air through the intercooler. I have a full-width intercooler on our TDi and have fitted an electric but I'm not sure it was the best idea.

Oh and the electric does sometimes come on!

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