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2" Body Lift


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I know of Wizard too, he does indeed do the bits you'll need along with other handy LR stuff. He can probably give you some good advice too.

I've heard of people doing it with a High lift, if you undo all 10 mounts and the 4 seatbelt anchors pluss all the other stuff* then you can lift one side of the body, leave the sill bolts in place on the other side. the lift the second side and eventually you can fit all the missing bolts back in. You do need to lift the body off the chassis by more than 2".

Perhaps a hydraulic lift would allow better control and I'd suggest you rst the chassis on stands to stop it rasing on the springs as you lift the weight of the body up but by leaving one side connected to the chassis you reduce the risk of things going badly wrong and avoid having to line up the body whilst it's dangling from a fork truck/engine hoist/crane/8 of your mates form the rugby club/pair of black & decker workmates etc etc.

*Other stuff includes fuel tank pipes and filler, radiator mounts, gearsticks, bumper corners, earth straps, the air filter hoses, possibly bits of your LPG system and some dodgy types of rock sliders. Not an exhaustive list but you get the idea.

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10 rubber mounts, plus 2 seatbelt mounts, plus 2 mounts inside the chassis near the rear of the front seats which nobody ever mentions!!

If you go for 2" you need to replace these four extra mounts and may want to fit a longer steering column and transfer box lever, if you can live with 30mm lift then everything (except the brake flexibles) will reach ok. A much easier, quicker and less expensive proposition...

You need to lift the body quite high to get some of the bolts out since they are put in from above, unless (like me) you cut holes in the floor! Since I was using a high lift I didn't feel comfortable lifting high enough to get them out the proper way.

Wizard is good and will supply bespoke sizes.


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