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OT - Caption Contest


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Steves truck, ungoing a "Transformation"

Part of that was when he sold the Tyres (35 x 12.50 x 16 on 10" Rims) with the super wide extended arches

and had to er "Borrow" a set of new ones toot sweet, although part of the new transformation this didn't

exactly quite work out as he planned - as the New Tyres he wanted were out of stock, so he went from these :

post-22-093944500 1284228317_thumb.jpg post-22-023698900 1284228368_thumb.jpg post-22-024715300 1284228380_thumb.jpg

To the "Loaned Ones". I turned up at work and just ROTFLMAO :

An "Interesting Look :blink: he described accelerations as "Brisk" up to about 35MPH when then flat out :rofl:

post-22-033135500 1284228465_thumb.jpg post-22-099401000 1284228756_thumb.jpg post-22-020416300 1284228766_thumb.jpg

I saw it Laughed, took a picture with the camera Phone and thought "Caption Contest Time :) " ??



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Mine would be

"After crashing into a tescos trolley Steve drove away in his Defesco 90"


Oi Barker - get back to work and get the kettle on tea boy and stop abusing your moderators rights and messing about with my Avatar :moglite:

Your all just jealous of my DAZ white wolf rims :wub:

Anyway i've ordered my new set of Silverstone extremes today and hopefully my bling rims will be arriving wednesday :D .

Steve :P

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