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Fuel pump removal 3.9 pick up

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Can any one advise me please of the safe procedure when the fuel pump has to be removed. I'm guessing but it would seem that the in the tank pump has packed up. Is it a straight forward job? After removing the two rusted hoses do I then undo the big knurled nut on top of the tank? Is there any tips that I can be made aware of?

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I'm guessing that you have a plastic tank if you have a large knurly knob. The ring should be a normal RH thread, there will be an O ring that might have swollen and be difficult to put back.

Drain as much fuel as you can safely do, be aware of static discharges and earth bonding, work in a well ventilated area.

Replace the rubber hoses if you can get to them, use new clips too, getting 15 year old hoses to re-seal is a no-go.

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