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Back door opening problems


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Hi All,

The back door on my 98 110 is a pain to open, if I take the weight of it by lifting under the spare wheel and yanking, (it's become that bad)I can get it open.

I don't believe the door has dropped as there isn't any movement in the hinges, and I have adjusted the striker plate..

So I want to buy the catch part but what is it's technical name as I can only find the lock assembly...?


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Land Rover door locks are one of my pet hates - they are not designed for the dusty conditions in Aus (other manufactures put their door seals outside of the locking mechanism, but Land Rover locks are outside the seals, exposed to the elements).

Dusty conditions affect the locks of all Land Rover doors and make them increasingly difficult, up to impossible to unlock. I have had this happen many, many times, but is reasonably easy to fix by a thorough spray with WD40 or similar when they start playing up.

If that is not the problem/fix, then there may be something broken or worn or otherwise stuffed in the mechanism.

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Rekab69, what you may find to help you is what a mate of mine has to do with his rear door

when you're trying to open the rear door you push onto the handle at the same time as trying to lift it to open the door-this put's a pressure of some sorts to help the door lock/catch undo



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