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Howling wolf aftermath - still here


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Thanks for everyone stopping giving water etc on route home had Great day out today can't wait to see points as we counted up more than what 3rd place got but our counting not good lol further damage , broken 8274 brake broken co driver ankle , apart from that all good

Waiting for AA now as head gaskets gone well and truly , the test worked well proved I have dodgy head

Do have some pictures will post when get home

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can't wait to see points as we counted up more than what 3rd place got but our counting not good

You know why that is? Cause Numpty here forgot to update you to Class 3 in the results spreadsheet. So actually you did come third so Sam and Matt owe you the trophies and the prizes. Huge apologies to all, this is what comes of having different systems on different computers.

Hope you get home OK, look on the bright side at least it saves you the cost of the diesel and you can sleep through the journey.

Results are now posted


Hope you all enjoyed the day, I did as I spent all day in the bog (the one at the bottom of the site not the blue box in the field) as watching you on the hills gives me the willys at that site. So some really good driving winching and got lots of video and pics that I will try and post tomorrow.

Look forward to seeing the pics from the rest of the site.

Thanks to all the marshals as usual but especially the Wrexham crew who helped us out in style on their home turf as usual and the Port Madoc guys who helped us set out on Saturday.

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We had a fantastic day , the truck ran really well! This round was more like a winch challenge with lots of winching, lots of big pulls, some very good techincal sections.

special stage was also very good.

we were expecting top 3 but not 1st! so we are well chuffed, roll on Slindon, will be an exciting end to the season, from our calculations on the way home we thought that put us 2nd overall aswell on the day.

not to much damage, just a cracked windscreen, snapped waffle and a snapped rope.

something didnt seem right tho, someone was definetly missing.

we didnt stop mark on the a5 as we guessed as we were almost last to leave everyone else would of stopped to check you were ok and saw mr tunnah was with you.


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Had a great day - for a change we went into it with nothing broken, not even my ankle :blink:, and then we didn't break anything during the day :D

First in class as well so good result, although probably helped by Sam's steering problem.

Thanks to everyone as usual, I think this one goes down as the best event so far this year.

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We got 2nd class 3 which was a great effort from Dawn, she was getting slower and slower around 2pm and hit herself on the head with the hook :blink: but she carried on and we did a few more.

We had a run away truck on stage 1 while I was helping Dawn, it just took off backwards down the slope with that bloody great pool at the bottom. Couldn't believe my luck when it stopped balancing on the brink of going in with a 15/20 foot drop below and to make it worse the winch rope had come off. Managed to get the rope back on and carried on without a scratch.

Good event, really enjoyed it but a couple of the sections where hard to follow with any certainty.

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Well what a good event that was, It is the third time I have competed at Corwen, But only the first time for me to get higher up the hill than the sh*t pit (the Zuk would just decided that the hill was to steep I think).

As everybody has already said, a big thanks must go out to Neil for heading up the weekend, but also is band on merry men & women who helped to marshal the event. Some very interesting sections, & yes James not to rub it in, but I think you would have liked it as it was very technical in some sections.

Our report of the weekend was very good, no real damage caused to the truck, just normal battle scares. Only real damage was to me as I try to carry out some running repairs/mods to the rear of Mitsimog, I forgot where the exhaust ran & burnt my arm, :( but the nice dip in the swamp soon cooled that down. :D:D

Roll on Slindon.

Thanks again,


Kev & Dan, had a chassis problem on the truck, whereby a tree got snagged in the rock sliders & as they winched it ripped the slider off & therefore caused other issues I believe. Someone else may know more & correct me if I am wrong.

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