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wolf bull bar with spare wheel mount ????

the gun platform

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Bryn, the Bull bar's you see on that pic are actually snatch vehicle bull bars and I'm not sure you could get one for love nor money to be honest and there's something else to consider too-far be it for me to piddle on anyone's bonfire but you may want to see if it's legal having your spare there on the front like they are positioned



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JBS is correct, the Bullbar with spare wheel mounting is/was fitted to 'Snatch' CAV 110s.

There was an ex-military parts seller at the LRO Show selling one of those, complete with the spare wheel retaining ring.

I don't know what name they trade as, but they're at all the shows, including Newbury and Capel.

They're run/owned by an older fella, with a 'catweazle' beard, they have an Ifor Williams flatbed trailer laid out with boxes of smaller parts.

They're a bit pricey, but their stuff is all mainly new and quite hard to get hold of bits and pieces.

They also had brand-new Snatch-2 Anti-Roll Bars, still in the Ricardo packaging.

Here are some more pictures of what you're looking for -

post-148-087476400 1284368977_thumb.jpg . post-148-050414000 1284368997_thumb.jpg . post-148-019285600 1284369002_thumb.jpg

post-148-010713600 1284369006_thumb.jpg . post-148-022833000 1284369011_thumb.jpg . post-148-016598800 1284369015_thumb.jpg

post-148-027675100 1284369018_thumb.jpg . post-148-085287900 1284369021_thumb.jpg


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