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Aaargh - Serpentine Part Numbers - Where From ?


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This is getting annoying :lol:

I have Disco, Def, 2 x Range Rover Parts Manuals (all Genuine LR)

I now also have thanks kind soul :D A EPC Loaded and running on Wind 7


NONE of them have anything I need - which is the parts diagrams and Numbers for the 3.9 SERPENTINE engine


Just where and which system has these (and don't Say MicroCat - W7 and MC = Headaches and no worky :( )

What about this ? :


Its says 4.0 - is that a Serp or a Thor ?



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It's a piece of cake to get it running in Win 7:


I use it for cross-system testing all the time.

I also have a Vista, XP SP0, XP SP1, XP SP2, IE6 IE7 and IE7 versions.... but the XP mode one is the easiest for Nige.

Having said that I have Microcat and happy to look up stuff for you Nige...

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TBH i recommended VirtualBox because i tried the MS one on my laptop a few months ago for a similar app for VW/Audi cars. The MS thing is slower, and just seems pretty clunky. It also refused to boot after i installed the Audi software, without any error messages or useful debug info.

Scrapped it and installed VirtualBox, and its a lot nicer to use, and seems to boot much much quicker too.

Ok you need to find a Windows XP CD or ISO image and install it inside the VM, but its not that difficult, and the resulting VM is properly portable too.

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That's Thor AFAIK, they came in in 1999, didn't they?

What part numbers are you after Nige?


I basically want all the pages that relate to the engine / rad / cowling / etc so I can work out a shopping list

My local LR dealer is less use than a Shaved Money (Actually Mr "behind the Counter" I think may be one)

so I need to work out what I need.

Just can't find the info

As to the "To load Microcat on W7 you need a left hand wibble RS23412 unit with a Fergurlular compensation valve

coupled to your left testical whilst singing danny boy" is beyond my IT limited abilkities, and just ends in me

clutching the screen screaming obsenities at it :) which makes me feel better just before uninstalling it :(

Ho Hum

There MUST have been a parts book surely between 3.9 non serp book and a 4.0 Thor unit surely FFS



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Right :D

Thanks to a certain forum member - who I shall call "Mr A"

I now have a virtual XP Program running Microcat 2010 it seems :D

Whilst it took all day to download, it was easy (even for me :P) to install

and it works and worked 1st time :)

So, you know who you are, and I am extremely gratefull to you

Its what makes this forum so worthwhile - without your help

I would still be stuck - no names for fairly obvious reasons :lol:

Merci Buckets



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