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2.5 td geting a bit warm HELP !


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hey all iv got a 2.5td 90 and every time i use it offroad it seems to get rather hot unless the heater is on full even when im not realy doing anythink challenging the fan runs fine and have replaced the thermostat and coolant but still a bit to hot for my liking.

it doesent overheat just sits on the end of the white section on the gauge.

should i put another fan on a switch in or is there a underline problem causing it to get to hot ?

any advise would be great thanks.

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Have you checked the radiator? If you use the truck off road, then there is a good chance that it is clogged up with mud stopping the airflow through it.

I would be inclined to remove the radiator, and clean through it, and also back flush it to make sure. Without knowing the vintage of the rad, I would be wary of attacking it with a pressure washer, as you may find you lose a lot of your fins as well as the mud!



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