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Dont View Before Eating Dinner...

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Excellent product... "Not!"

Stick them on over the rubber ones ! LOL Nice rigid wheel arches glued onto flexible arches !

Clearly not for anyone daring to take their Defender even slightly off-road!

I think the post before sums it all up nicely.....

Neil (Bemused..)

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Whoah, dey iz well bad innit? i iz goin to put sum on my jeep man, wiv twenty-two inch spinners.... :rolleyes:

My wife and i saw a defender a while ago in Bradford that was highly polished, lowered and had wheels that would look large on a new RR Vogue, with tyres that can best be described as rubber bands! even my wife (who refers to herself as a defender widow) shook her head!

still, like the sticker i saw a few weeks ago, it's all there to make us smile! :)

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I've bought Neil a set for his birthday - they'll suit his pimpmobile :)


Awww Les... I didn't know you cared !

I can't wait for you to fit them... (And don't go thinking you will charge me labour as well... )

If my truck is broken or just missing when we next get together, just put them on the Pikey Farmer Ruperts 90.. He'll appreciate someone loving his Land Rover....


(Now hiding his 110 from Sir Les...)

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As Landrover Defenders are becoming more and more popular vehicles with enthusiasts we have had requests for us to develop some products for these vehicles similar to the products we have for the Range Rover models.

As a results we have introduced some high quality polished stainless accessories for the defender models.

Who from - a couple of blind muppets LOL :lol:

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I'm guessing they are some kind of new security device? :ph34r:

When and where ever you park and leave your loved Defender and for how ever long,

you just stick these on and have the piece of mind knowing that it will still be there when you get back :lol:

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