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Brake lines from master cylinder to chassis ?


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I allways try to be self-sufficient when searching for parts, but my landy is an hybrid and sometimes is a bit complex not to make an error when ordering parts (I did it a couple of times).

I'm converting it from LHD to RHD. It was a 1991 V8, but the previous owner put a 300tdi in 2001. On the other hand, I'm installing discs on rear and vented discs in the front axle, so (maybe) the current master cylinder will not provide enough flow.

- Which are the part numbers of the pipes going from the master cylinder to the chassis (well, to a small part attached to the bulkhead) ?

- Can I upgrade the master cylinder to a 300tdi type, without changing the brake lines? Do I have to change the servo, too? Do I have to change the pedal assembly to accomodate the new servo?

Thanks a lot in advance,


My master cylinder:


Brake lines coming from the master cylinder are attached to this small part:


The brake lines that I need to purchase are highlighted in red:


Last picture was downloaded from the internet ages ago, it is not really mine.

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easier to buy kunifer brake pipe & end fittings & make your own brake pipes.

later master cylinder/servo should be OK on your existing brake pedal assembly.

Hi Ralph,

Yes, you are right... do you know whom can I buy the hardware & tools from ? I tried Draper Tools and other online retailers unsuccessfully.

Thank you for your time, you are allways of a great help.


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