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Where to Get Free Stickers


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A recent thread on here noted that thieves were less likely to steal a vehicle with stickers on it, presumably because that made the vehicle stand out a bit and the thieves would have to remove the stickers early on.

So the next question is: does anyone know of good places to get free stickers ? I do not mind too much driving around advertising someone's stuff, so long as I like the kit and it does not cost me anything.

Britpart stickers anyone ? :o



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A landrover show, would be your best bet... I got a bag full of free stickers at Billing..... Failing that, contact all suppliers by mail with a SAE enclosed and ask for them! They will be keen to send you them if you have provided the envelope and postage...

Britpart don't do stickers, but if they did they'd be the ****est stickers in the world......

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